Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Wedding Guest

Today we present our "Wedding Guest" Theme Challenge.

Judie is dressed for a formal wedding in a beautiful outfit complete with a hat!  Bo is dressed for a less formal wedding and probably arriving just after the bride arrived to the alter.

What is Judie wearing?
Clothing: BHB Sunday best complete outfit ( Shoes, hat dress all coloured with hud)
Hair: Catwa hair Princess

What is Bo wearing?
Clothing:  Alafole - France (hud)
Shoes:  KC Maia Pumps (hud)
Hair: Magika - Please (gg)
Misc: Carrying box from What Next

I think we should have another round of some of the challenges at some point in the future maybe with a bit of a twist! It might be fun when I have more Second Life time - to get a our usual team approach going here and show up to the same wedding and see who carries tissues in case of a tear jerking outburst and who gets nervous giggles watching the bride and groom when the Priest confuses their names during vow time. 😃


  1. I like what you wrote first ( you changed it) about Judie being dressed for an English wedding and Bo is very much more dressed for an American wedding , which is just what i love about these TC's. It shows our differences. And Judie being a brit is early and Bo is just there on time. Love it!!

  2. boh, my original draft was lost to neverland. Anyway, I am not joking about having a twist to some challenges in the future. HA!