Friday, May 26, 2017

Fridays GGC May 26th 2017 Faboo Bikinis

One of our friends suggested this weeks GGC item. The Puerto Rico Bikini which is a gift at Faboo, and then it was pointed out to me that it was only for mesh bodies , so I went back and found a second GG bikini on the board (Trinity) that was for mesh and classic (classic and Omega) as Bo and I are loving having the great pictures that our friends are doing and want them to be able to join in on these weekly GGC's and there are still a lot of people using classic avatars as well as mesh ones and we want to cater for everyone.
Victoria and Deirdre are great bargain hunters and Victoria's entire wardrobe is made up of GG's or things she has made/textured herself. We are beginning to see a hidden talent emerging. It has been very hidden. 😊

Puerto Rico Bikini by Faboo
Victoria is wearing
The bikini top (she has a classic body. No joke intended)
Hair by AD Baby Onyx
Dark Jeans mini skirt by FurtaCor
Sunglasses Victoria's own

Judie is wearing
Monso Hair : Raine

Gempabumi is wearing
Hair by Damselfly : Jaycee (Hibiscus warm)

Bo is wearing
Magika hair : Bad Habit

Coral is wearing
TKW hair Vico

Your taxi for Faboo

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