Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday GGC May 12th 2017 LRD Astrid Gown and LRD Halter vest Dress

This week we chose 2 gifts available on the board at LRD via SL F@O group (free to join).
The Astrid Gown had Classic and mesh choices.
The Halter Vest Dress was classic only. All these dresses look fine if you use for photo stills , but not so good with an AO attached.

The Astrid Gown
Bo is wearing
Hair by pr!tty - Jeanie, blonde w/medium roots

Judie is wearing
N.B. I used the medium dress instead of the Maitreya because it fitted better on Judie
Jewellery by Alienbear : Eostre
Shoes by SSD Aphrodite Jewled Stilettos in Gold
Hair by Catwa : Princess

Deirdre is wearing
Accessories and Jewellery by Karma Diamonds,
Necklace by Gizza (a gift),
Bracelet by CoCo&Co (a gift)
and Earrings by Madabout you
Shoes by KC Maia Pumps
Hair by Emotions (a gift)
Halter vest Dress
Bo is wearing
Jewellery by Zenith Boho Ring (Flower - Silver)
Shoes by KC Suami heels (hud)
Hair by Molina Splash Blonde

Judie is wearing
Jewellery by Chop Zuey Amour Delicata Bracelet Plt/blu
Shoes by KC Eleanor Pumps (with hud)
Hair by Argrace : Haku

Deirdre is wearing
Jewellery by Earthstones ( a gift at Free Dove)
Shoes by KC Maia Pumps (a gift)
Hair by Amicci : Candy Rose (a gift)

Your taxi to LRD


  1. The Astrid Gown design and color tones are very nice. It's subjective, so for me the larger prints are not as easy to work with. That's just me though. :) The other Halter vest Dress was very cute on Judie and Deirdre! Bo again, looks stiff and uncomfortable. LOL Thanks for adding in the Taxi slurls, Judie! YAY!!

  2. Translation of 'forever polite' Bo comment.
    "Nice shape but i look like a curtain/drape" ;)

  3. You are such a bloody tattle, Judie!! FFS! LOL I try very hard to be diplomatic, but yes... (head slightly low and hand raising slowly) I did say Bo looks like she is wearing draperies. uh ohhhhhhhh

    The other image of Bo should go in the file of "WTF was I thinking?!". :D

  4. I love the store. but if i shopped on impression of GG available, this is one of the stores i would not go back to. The Gifts are not a good representation of the cloths available to buy in the store