Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Shopping

This Sunday we present our "Shopping" Theme.

What DOES one wear whilst shopping?! There is no right or wrong answer. What we wear may depend on where we are shopping and for which occasion.

Judie is flying all over the world in her private jet. (By the way, I absolutely have to share a secret... Judie pilots her own sleek and stylish jet! ✈ 😸) Here we see our glamorous Judie shopping in New York, London, Paris, and Rome.  Wouldn't we love to see what kind of goodies she bought in some of the leading fashion conscious cities in the world?!
What is Judie wearing?
Clothing - Rebel Gal:: Dating Gatcha outfit. Ruby
Accessories - Eclat - Ari Choker in silver
Shoes - ArisAris AA77 Femme Fatale Shoes
Hair - Mina Hair Noor

Bo has obviously been out shopping for the day and could not be more glad to get home! Shopping for clothes is tiresome and Bo tends to have an attitude more like a man about this activity. In other words... A. Shopping list, B. Get in to the shop, and C. Get OUT of the shop as quickly as possible. Before even heading out the door, she looks forward to returning to coffee, sofa, and lit candles filling the home with fragrance of tranquility.
What is Bo wearing?
Clothing - !gO! Irene Dress and Sweater
Shoes - KC Brazilia (hud)
Hair - Elua, blonde


  1. Bo is just like me! I don't enjoy shopping at all.

    1. :) I am not the only one after all! If I am shopping for decorating interior or exterior bits... that is one thing. But clothes etc are a chore.

    2. In RL i hate shopping but i love bargain hunting for Judie.