Saturday, May 13, 2017

Update from Bo...

As real life activities settle in for summer here, I will be updating our Pages section on the sidebar with pictures from our Group Gift Challenges as well as Theme Challenges. It's our pleasure to feature contributions by our friends as well. I want to get it just right, so it will be over a few days to update.

Also quick note, last night Judie alerted me to have a better look at the Fifty Linden Fridays (watch for the events posted on "Fifty Linden Friday/Seraphim")  and to get Bo over to try on the ELIKATIRA - Nura hair! Which, of course, I did.
While at the shop I browsed and tried on other demo's and found another one that I absolutely LOVE on Bo... Nadia!
Bo is wearing Petite Mort - Molly Indian cotton midi dress
Hair by Elikatira - Nadia
Taxi for the following:
Petite Mort (this shop is right up my alley along with !gO!  Bo better get a job and start earning some spending money!!)

Hope everyone has a super terrific weekend!
See below the next GGC and posts and Taxi slurls by Judie!

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