Monday, May 8, 2017

Hair addiction dilemma.

"My name is Judie Walpole and i am a hair addict".
I admit it.
Thing is, with Judie , most looks good on her but i have a passion for either long long, or cute short, and blonde mostly but she has been known to go a different colour depending.
The other night i saw a hair at one of the many shows i visit and i just HAD to have it. I recognised the style, and the designer and hair looked so familiar. I started by taking a picture. What i didn't explain was that the hair wasn't named. It was being used on a model in a picture to advertise a dress. I sent a very polite note card to the designer asking her if she could tell me the name of the hair and where i could get it, but she was off line and when i logged back on after dinner i still had no reply, so i sent another polite note card after having been to her shop to see if the hair was on sale there as a shape or on one of her style cards. It wasn't. So then the desperation started. First i messaged three of my knowledgeable friends who i thought would know where it was available just by looking at it. Two of them didn't have a clue but suggested some shops, and the other friend(turns out shes as clever as i thought) sent me to the correct shop(i didn't know this at the time) and i looked and looked but just couldn't find it. Anyway, to cut a long evenings story short eventually the lovely lady from Ricielli contacted me with details and turns out i was in the right shop but it was an older hair and had 3 versions in the box and didn't look similar so that's why i couldn't find it. This hunt had taken me a good part of my evening by the way. So as i finally stood Judie infront of the box ready to buy i thought 'ill just check her inventory'. Low and behold she already had it!!!!!!
I arrived later at Morris and stood next to one of the helpful friends.
P**dy    "Nice hair Judie. Snigger"
Judie      "Shuddup"

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  1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL nooooooooooooooooooo! You?! Addicted to hair shopping?! REALLY?! hehe