Monday, May 15, 2017

WTF Challenge

We have a first WTF entry from a friend. Personally speaking i don't think it looks too bad in the 'before' picture , but it's not about what i think. We all have an idea of style and whats suits us and others and our circle of friends do have this lovely brutal honesty towards each other which i love.
Regularly when i arrive with one of my many new hair purchases i hear the comment " whats happened to your head JODY".
I have to say i have never seen Deirdre wear anything really awful to date , but who knows.
Anyway,enough about me and my opinions.

This is the before and after of an outfit that Deirdre felt needed an up cycle and revamp. I will be going to Legendaire to get this dress as its a cute shape.

 Dede wears; 
Hair - Amici - Eva  ¬ Jet black
Earrings - Lazuri Perlina Earrings
Milady's D platinum gold Necklace
Legendaire Rachel dress & Sandals

 Dede wears;
 Hair; TKW Celina 
 Boots; Athena's way - Zafira Python boots
 Bracelet-  Faudora Charm Bracelet - Ruby

1 comment:

  1. I like the 2nd outfit idea better too, Deirdre. The skinny jeans look with belted tunic is much better, imo. :)